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Vera Kvarcakova/Jeremy Galdeano
music: Ezio Bosso
Vera Kvarcakova/Jeremy Galdeano
light design: Marc Parent

finalists of Internernational choreographic competition in Hannover 2020 awarded with invitation to the HANGARTFEST in Italy

final selection for Future Dance Festival 92Y in NYC

Doma ( means home in the Czech language) is 

contemporary dance duet based on ideas and thoughts about what home represents for an individual.


DOMA is a place where one lives permanently

It is an environment offering you security and happiness.


Doma is being around people who can drive you absolutely crazy one moment and make you feel like a million dollars the next. It’s knowing that no matter how hard times get, someone is there for you.


The place of feeling belonging.


photo credit:Sasha Onyshchenko

find our interview about Doma on BaronMag,

full reviews La Bible Urbaine

and here

..pièce qui enveloppe les spectateurs du doux sentiment qu’est l’amour vrai...

,,,le duo transmet, tout en simplicité, l’intelligence du ballet, balancée par la douceur du contemporain...DOMA est une caresse qui réconforte après tant de froideur. Après tant de fragmentation, DOMA est l’unité, l’intégration, l’équilibre, l’humilité et la vérité de l’amour...

La bible urbaine Montreal

..One highly successful piece, which unquestionably merited inclusion in the company repertoire... powerfully presented a man and woman dealing with each others emotional problems...

Dance International

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